Motowatt W1X Electric Launch Date In India & Price Design, Features, Full Specification Space All Details

Motowatt W1X Electric Scooter Price In India: Discover the detailed information about the Motowatt W1X electric scooter’s price in India in this article. It’s worth mentioning that Motowatt has introduced this electric bike. While there hasn’t been a complete official announcement about its launch in India, the company has been diligently working on this bike with a distinctive and impressive look for the past four years. Finally, the bike has been unveiled.

Motowatt W1X Electric Launch Date In India
Motowatt W1X Electric Launch Date In India

The delivery of this Motowatt electric bike is slated for January 2025. Read on to explore the features and highlights of this bike, set to captivate with its stunning appearance and outstanding features.

Motowatt W1X Electric Full Specification Space

NameMotowatt W1X Electric
Launch dateCompleted
DeliveryJanuary 2025
Rang130 KM
Top speed100 KM
FeaturesDisc brake, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS, LED headlights
MotorMid-drive hub 

Motowatt W1X Electric Design

Unveiling a striking design, the Motovat electric bike sets itself apart with a unique appearance. Featuring LED headlights and disc brakes, this bike boasts an eye-catching look that stands out from the rest.

Motowatt W1X Electric Features

Motowatt W1X Electric Launch Date In India
Motowatt W1X Electric Features

Motowatt W1X Electric Bike comes equipped with impressive and fantastic features. Launched by the French automotive company Motowatt, this bike features disc brakes on its wheels for enhanced safety. The bike also boasts a sleek look with a superb headlight. In addition to its powerful motor, the electric bike from Motowatt includes features like Bluetooth connectivity and GPS. Moreover, the two-wheeler is expected to have a USB Type-C port for added convenience. With a robust battery, Motowatt’s electric bike is set to offer various other features, making it stand out in the electric bike market.

Motowatt W1X Electric Price

The Motowatt W1X Electric, brimming with splendid features, comes with a price tag of approximately $16,152, translating to around 13 lakh Indian Rupees.

Motowatt W1X Electric Launch Date

Motowatt, the French automaker, has officially launched its latest bike. The bike is set to be delivered in January 2025. While there hasn’t been an official announcement regarding the launch date of the Motowatt W1X Electric in India, the company has already made its mark with this exciting release.

Motowatt W1X Electric Battery & Motor

The Motowatt W1X Electric bike is equipped with an exceptional motor. Notably, the electric scooter by Motowatt features a high-capacity battery, providing a substantial power reserve. Additionally, it comes with a motor-mid-drive hub motor for enhanced performance.

Motowatt W1X Electric Range

Motowatt W1X Electric Launch Date In India
Motowatt W1X Electric Launch Date In India

The Motowatt W1X Electric Scooter, equipped with a large battery, promises an impressive electric range of 130 kilometers on a single charge, ensuring an extended and efficient ride.

Motowatt W1X Electric Top Speed

On the bustling roads, the Motowatt W1X Electric boasts a swift top speed driven by electric power. Revel in the capability of this electric motorcycle, which can sprint at speeds up to 100 kilometres per hour.


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