Himalayan-Engined Royal Enfield Guerilla 450 Set to Launch This Summer

Royal Enfield Guerilla 450 to Debut as a Rival to Triumph Speed 400

The Royal Enfield Guerilla 450 is gearing up for its anticipated launch this summer, emerging as a formidable competitor to the Triumph Speed 400.


Building on the Himalayan Legacy

The Guerilla 450 aims to build upon the robust foundation laid by the latest Royal Enfield Himalayan. Despite the differences in their design, both motorcycles share the same heart: the Sherpa 450 engine. This engine, introduced in last year’s Himalayan, now powers the Guerilla 450 as well. However, it remains to be seen if the liquid-cooled 452cc single-cylinder engine will offer different performance specifications compared to the Himalayan’s 40bhp and 30lb ft of torque.

Feature/SpecificationRoyal Enfield Guerilla 450Royal Enfield HimalayanTriumph Speed 400
EngineSherpa 450, liquid-cooled 452cc single-cylinderSherpa 450, liquid-cooled 452cc single-cylinderUnknown, but expected to be competitive
Power OutputTBD40bhpCompetitive with Guerilla 450
TorqueTBD30lb ftCompetitive with Guerilla 450
SuspensionTraditional front forkUSD forkAdvanced, specific type not mentioned
Tail SectionSimilar to HimalayanSimilar to Guerilla 450Unique to Triumph
BodyworkDifferent from HimalayanDifferent from Guerilla 450Unique to Triumph
Dashboard DisplaySimpler displayTFT dashAdvanced, likely digital
PriceApproximately £2,250N/AN/A
Advanced ElectronicsSelectable riding modes, traction control (speculated)Limited informationRide-by-wire throttle system, other advanced features
Launch TimingExpected summer 2024Launched last yearLaunched late last year
Test RidesScheduled for July 2024N/AN/A

This table captures the key features and specifications for the Royal Enfield Guerilla 450, highlighting its similarities and differences with the Royal Enfield Himalayan and its competition with the Triumph Speed 400.

Design and Features

While the Guerilla 450 shares a similar tail section with the Himalayan, it features notable differences elsewhere. For instance, the Guerilla 450 utilizes a traditional front fork suspension system instead of the Himalayan’s USD fork. Additionally, the majority of the bodywork has been redesigned, and the sophisticated TFT dash of the Himalayan is expected to be replaced with a simpler display to keep costs down. According to BikeWale, the expected price is around £2,250.


Advanced Electronics and Competitive Edge

BikeWale also suggests that the Guerilla 450 might debut with advanced electronics such as selectable riding modes and traction control. These features would align it closely with its competitor, the Triumph Speed 400, which boasts a ride-by-wire throttle system.

Closely Timed Launches

The launch of the Guerilla 450 is anticipated to be closely timed with the recent unveiling of the Triumph Speed 400 and Scrambler 400 X late last year. BikeWale reports that media invitations for the first test rides of the Guerilla 450 have been sent out, with the rides scheduled for July. This indicates that the official launch of the Royal Enfield Guerilla 450 is expected this summer.

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