TVS XL 100 Price In India: Engine, Design, Features

TVS XL 100 Price In India: In India, a significant number of individuals prefer riding bikes and scooters; however, there is also a niche group of enthusiasts who find joy in riding mopeds. The TVS XL 100 Moped, manufactured by the renowned TVS company, has garnered widespread popularity among many due to its unique features and performance.

TVS XL 100 Price In India
TVS XL 100 Price In India

When discussing the TVS XL 100 moped, it stands out as a stylish and powerful offering from TVS, capturing the admiration of many. If you’re contemplating the acquisition of a potent moped, considering the TVS XL 100 could be a worthwhile choice. Let’s delve into the details of the TVS XL 100 in India, exploring its price, engine specifications, design, and features to gain a comprehensive understanding.

TVS XL 100 Price In India

The TVS XL 100 stands out as an exceptionally lightweight yet powerful moped, featuring a robust engine from the renowned manufacturer TVS. When it comes to the TVS XL 100 Price In India, this scooter is available in a total of five variants in the Indian market. Speaking of the scooter’s pricing, the ex-showroom cost starts at just ₹44,999 for the base variant and goes up to ₹59,695 for the top-tier model. The TVS XL 100 not only offers efficiency but also showcases the strength of TVS engineering in its performance.

TVS XL 100 (Variants)Price (Ex Showroom)
TVS XL100 Comfort Kick Start Price In India₹44,999
TVS XL100 Heavy Duty Kick Start Price In India₹45,249
TVS XL100 Comfort i-Touch Start Price In India₹57,695
TVS XL100 Heavy Duty i-Touch Start Price In India₹58,545
TVS XL100 Heavy Duty Winner Edition Price In India₹59,695

TVS XL 100 Design 

TVS XL 100
TVS XL 100 Design

The TVS XL 100 stands out as an exceptionally attractive moped, boasting a design that exudes style. When it comes to the design of the TVS XL 100, one can appreciate the sizable footboard and the added convenience of a rear rack for carrying items. This moped not only impresses with its stylish appearance but also features eye-catching graphics that enhance its overall appeal. The headlights, tail lamps, and turn indicators are also notable elements that contribute to the overall aesthetics of this standout moped.

TVS XL 100 Specifications 

Moped NameTVS XL 100
TVS XL 100 Price In India  ₹44,999 (XL100 Comfort Kick Start), ₹45,249 (XL100 Heavy Duty Kick Start), ₹57,695 (XL100 Comfort i-Touch Start), ₹58,545 (XL100 Heavy Duty i-Touch Start), ₹59,695 (XL100 Heavy Duty Winner Edition)
Engine 99.7cc, single-cylinder, 4-stroke, BS6
Power4.4 PS 
Torque 6.5 Nm
Fuel Tank Capacity4 liters 
Features Electric start, under-seat storage, tubeless tyres, heavy-duty suspension, i-Touchstart keyless Start, USB charging port, luggage carrier
Transmission Single Speed Centrifugal Clutch

TVS XL 100 Engine 

The TVS XL 100 stands out as a remarkably powerful moped, showcasing a robust engine courtesy of TVS. When discussing the TVS XL 100 Engine, it reveals a 99.7cc BS6 single-cylinder engine from TVS, delivering an impressive 4.4 horsepower and a torque of 6.5 Nm. This engine not only adds a punch to the performance but also underscores TVS’s commitment to delivering quality and power in their two-wheelers. XL 100 Engine 

TVS XL 100 Price In India
TVS XL 100 Price In India

Let me share with you that while this moped may not boast the power of a typical scooter or motorcycle, it proves quite efficient for everyday tasks. Noteworthy features of this moped include a centrifugal clutch and a single-speed transmission. Speaking of mileage, this moped impressively delivers 80 kilometers per liter. While it may not be the most powerful, its practicality and fuel efficiency make it a commendable choice for daily commuting.

TVS XL 100 Features 

The TVS XL 100 moped may not offer an abundance of features, but it does present a variety of practical functionalities. When discussing some of the features of this moped, noteworthy elements include a centrifugal clutch, a BS6-compliant engine, an extended suspension, a powerful chassis, a spacious footboard, and a comfortable seat. These features collectively contribute to the overall appeal and functionality of the TVS XL 100 moped, making it a noteworthy choice in its category.

Should We Consider Buying the TVS XL 100?

If you find yourself residing in a rural area with a limited budget and contemplating the purchase of a sturdy and enduring Moped, consider opting for the TVS XL 100. Crafted with a keen focus on the village roads, the design of the TVS XL 100 Moped makes it exceptionally well-suited for rural environments.

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