Mahindra BE 05 Launch Date & Price Revealed: Learn about the Features of Mahindra’s Car Set to Launch by 2025

Mahindra be 05 Launch date: Mahindra has unveiled yet another electric car, set to launch by 2025, according to recent announcements. Media reports suggest that the car has been spotted during testing, and Mahindra claims it will hit the market by 2025. The design of this car is said to be reminiscent of a capsule, standing out from other models. While specifics about its features are not fully disclosed by the company, experts have hinted at impressive and powerful features in this Mahindra electric car. Although a complete feature reveal is pending, some key features have been hinted at by experts, which will be discussed further in this article. Stay tuned to discover the unique features that will accompany the launch of Mahindra’s upcoming electric car.

Mahindra BE.05 launch date
Mahindra BE.05 launch date

Mahindra BE.05 Features

Mahindra’s electric car boasts a plethora of outstanding and powerful features. Although glimpses of the training model have been seen in various media reports, official confirmation from the company regarding its appearance on roads is yet to be disclosed, with expectations extending until 2025. While the car’s dashboard is said to feature a large touchscreen panel, allowing users to manage numerous features, the complete set of features remains undisclosed. Notably, the car is crafted in a highly unique design, and its four-door structure measures 4370 mm in length, 1900 mm in width, and 1635 mm in height. Anticipation is building as this Mahindra electric car is set to make its mark on the roads soon.

Mahindra BE.05 Battery

Mahindra BE.05 is equipped with a substantial battery, showcasing the brand’s commitment to electric vehicle innovation. Notably, this electric car from Mahindra may feature a robust and powerful 80 kWh battery, providing the necessary power to propel the vehicle swiftly along the roads with electric agility. Reports suggest that the car is likely to incorporate a convenient fast-charging option, allowing the vehicle to achieve a full charge in approximately 30 minutes, enhancing the overall efficiency and convenience of the Mahindra BE.05 on the electric mobility landscape.

Mahindra BE.05 Range

Mahindra BE.05 launch date
Mahindra BE.05 launch date

The forthcoming Mahindra BE.05 electric car, armed with an ample battery, is set to revolutionise conversations on the roads. Remarkably, a single full charge empowers this car to cover an extensive range of 450 kilometres, ensuring a continuous journey for those eager to explore. Embark on a seamless 450-kilometre drive with the confidence that comes from a single charge.

Mahindra BE.05 Top Speed

Introducing the Mahindra BE.05, a car set to hit the roads with electrifying speed. This four-door electric vehicle from Mahindra promises a successful journey, racing through the streets at a remarkable speed of 180 kilometres per hour. Get ready for a thrilling ride with this high-speed Mahindra electric car.

Mahindra BE.05 Launch date 

The official release date for the Mahindra BE 05 car has not been disclosed by the company. However, several media reports suggest that the car might be launched by 2025. It’s important to note that this information is not officially 

Mahindra BE.05 Price

Mahindra BE.05 launch date
Mahindra BE.05 launch date

Mahindra has chosen to keep the price of its upcoming electric car under wraps. However, various media reports suggest that the price of Mahindra’s electric car could range from 12 to 16 lakh rupees.


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FAQs – Mahindra BE 05 Release

Q1. When does Mahindra BE 05 launch?

Ans: Official date not disclosed, expected by 2025.

Q2. What are BE 05’s standout features?

Ans: Unique design, large touchscreen, 4-door structure.

Q3. What battery does BE 05 have?

Ans: Powerful 80 kWh battery.

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