Unsatisfied with the Himalayan 450: Feedback from a Honda CB350RS rider post test ride.

The allure of incredible specs on paper and the buzz online often create expectations of a superior experience. However, reality hits hard after a test ride, as shared by BHPian klgiridhar in a recent revelation.

Himalayan 450

The Test Ride Experience:

After finally taking the plunge for a test ride at the ITPL RE showroom, klgiridhar discovered that the Himalayan 450 didn’t quite live up to the hype generated by its specifications. The disappointment primarily stemmed from the engine’s performance, which left much to be desired.


  1. The fit and finish were commendable, with no rattling sounds.
  2. Clear mirrors with minimal buzz.
  3. Outstanding suspension, smoothly handling bumps and rough patches.
  4. Manoeuvrability and weight felt balanced.
  5. Crisp display resolution.
  6. Strong and progressive engine pull as revs climb.


  1. Engine lacked refinement, felt unfinished, and had a rough note.
  2. Headlight performance was subpar, requiring aux-lights for night touring.
  3. Uncomfortable gear lever position.
  4. Indicator and joystick lacked tactile feedback.
  5. Vibrations were pronounced on the handlebar and footpegs, affecting comfort during the test ride.

Vibration Concerns

While acknowledging the possibility of untested gears, the bike exhibited significant vibrations during the test ride, raising concerns about its suitability for long rides and highway speeds.

Comparison with Honda:

Himalayan 450

The disappointment with the Himalayan was accentuated when klgiridhar took the GT for a spin, praising its creamy smooth engine. The Honda CB350RS, in comparison, offered a surreal experience, reinforcing the appreciation for Honda’s refinement.


Despite the initial allure of specs and online hype, the test ride reality prompted a reevaluation. Each rider’s experience is unique, and klgiridhar’s perspective underscores the importance of test rides in forming genuine opinions.

Final Thoughts:

The grass may seem greener on the other side, but one test ride can bring us back to reality, fostering a newfound appreciation for what we already have. As klgiridhar aptly puts it, “To each, his own.” Test rides are key – they reveal the true essence of a ride, especially for those with a low tolerance for vibrations coming from a refined Honda background.

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