Top 5 Upcoming Bikes in India 2024

As per the latest information, the list of Yamaha Upcoming Bikes in 2024 is quite extensive, and among them, the Yamaha XSR125 stands out. This bike is included in the list of upcoming bikes in India for 2024 under 1.5 lakh. Other brands, including Hero and several others, are also targeting the budget bike market by introducing bikes with impressive features and performance. Here, we’ll highlight five upcoming bikes in 2024 that are set to be launched this year.

Top 5 upcoming Bikes in India 2024

1. Yamaha XSR125

Yamaha XSR125

Yamaha has always been synonymous with high-performance bikes, and now it is set to launch the Yamaha XSR125, catering specifically to the budget market. Featuring a 124cc BS6 engine, this bike is designed for optimal performance, generating 14.5 Nm of torque. According to the company’s updates, the Yamaha XSR125 is tailored for the Indian market, providing a mileage of 47 kilometers per liter.

Anticipated to be priced at Rs. 1 lakh, this bike is expected to hit the Indian market in March 2024. Given Yamaha’s reputation as a top bike brand, it enjoys considerable popularity among customers. Hence, the Yamaha XSR125 secures the top spot in the list of Top 5 Upcoming Bikes in India 2024 under 1.5 lakh.

2. Eko Tejas E-Dyroth

Eko Tejas E-Dyroth

Anticipation surrounds the launch of the Eko Tejas E-Dyroth, slated for March 2024, creating quite a buzz on social media. Positioned as India’s first electric bike with a Bullet-esque aesthetic, it is rumoured to cover up to 150 kilometres on a single charge. What sets Eko Tejas E-Dyroth apart, especially for bike enthusiasts, is its impressive speed. Despite being an electric bike, it boasts a top speed of 100 km/h, making it a noteworthy contender in the electric bike landscape.

Enthusiasts and onlookers are keenly awaiting its arrival, intrigued not only by its unique design resembling the iconic Bullet but also by its promising performance. The expected ex-showroom price of this upcoming bike is speculated to be around Rs 1.30 lakh, adding to the anticipation and excitement surrounding its imminent launch in the Indian market.

3. Husqvarna Vitpilen 125

Husqvarna Vitpilen 125

In the spirit of the iconic bike ridden by Rocky in KGF, Husqvarna is set to launch a budget-friendly bike, the Husqvarna Vitpilen 125, in March 2024. This bike boasts a distinctive design, setting it apart from traditional bikes, and is expected to be a high-performance machine with a 124.7 cc engine. The company has priced the Husqvarna Vitpilen 125 at ₹1.35 Lakh, making it an exciting addition to the biking landscape.

4. LML Moonshot

LML Moonshot

The LML Moonshot caters to those seeking an affordable electric bike. It promises average performance with a top speed of 70 kmph. Priced at Rs 1 Lakh for the Indian market, this Ex-showroom cost is set to be officially announced in March 2024. Despite being an average performer, the LML Moonshot has secured the 4th position in NEWS FACTORY list of Top 5 Upcoming Bikes in India 2024 under 1.5 lakh.

5. Hero Xtreme 200R

Hero Xtreme 200R

Hero, one of India’s leading bike manufacturers, consistently introduces numerous bikes every year. However, in 2024, there’s something special in store for the company as it gears up to launch the Hero Xtreme 200R. The most noteworthy aspect of Hero Xtreme 200R is that it surpasses all bikes listed in the “Top 5 Upcoming Bikes in India 2024 under 1.5 lakh” in terms of power. Boasting a 199.6 cc engine, this bike is anticipated to be competitively priced at just 1 lakh 35 thousand rupees, adding to its appeal.

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