Exciting Features Leak for Vivo Y03 – Entry Date Revealed! Your Favorite Phone in Budget?

Vivo Y03 Launch Date: Vivo Y03 Launch Imminent! Unveiling another powerhouse from Vivo, the Bluetooth SIG certified Vivo Y03 (Model: V2332) promises exceptional performance. Known for delivering top-notch features, Vivo continues its streak with the upcoming launch. Packed with impressive specs, including the powerful MediaTek Helio G35 processor, a robust 5000mAh battery, and a stunning 13MP camera, this budget-friendly smartphone boasts both style and substance. Stay tuned for the Vivo Y03 launch date and a detailed look at its outstanding features!

Vivo Y03 Price

Vivo Y03 Features

  • Vivo has integrated excellent and powerful features into this phone. The Vivo phone showcases its features in detail through various options, making it easy for you to learn about them.
  • For superior performance, Vivo has equipped this phone with the MediaTek Diamond City G35 processor, ensuring impressive performance.
  • This Vivo phone, launching with Android version 13, may also offer version 14 in the future.
  • Available in different variants, this Vivo phone comes with 4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage, and support for SD cards, allowing you to expand storage up to a TV-sized external storage.
  • In terms of water resistance, this Vivo phone might be weaker as it lacks an IP68 rating. However, a 3.5mm headphone jack is available for connecting any music device.
  • With dual SIM slots and 4G network connectivity, this Vivo phone allows the use of two nano SIMs simultaneously. However, it doesn’t support 5G network connectivity.

Vivo Y03 Specification List

Brand Name Vivo
Model nameVivo Y03
ProcessorMediaTek diamond City helio G35
Android version13
Ram 4GB
Battery 5000 mAh
Camera 13 MP
Front camera5 MP
Display 6.51 inches IPS LCD Display, 720 x 1600 pixels, 90Hz
Network support3G 4G network supported
Sim supportDual sim
SD card Available
Fingerprint sensorfingerprint available
IP54 ratingNo Available 
Data cableUSB type C Port
Headphone jackAvailable

Vivo Y03 Display

Vivo Y03 Launch Date
Vivo Y03 Display

Introducing the Vivo Y03 smartphone featuring a spacious 6.51-inch IPS LCD display panel that boasts a generous IPSeel and an impressive 90Hz refresh rate for seamless display performance. The vibrant display not only operates smoothly with its high refresh rate but also shines brilliantly, ensuring ease of use even under direct sunlight. Furthermore, it offers a resolution of 720 x 1600 pixels, adding clarity and vividness to your visual experience.

Vivo Y03 Battery & Charger

Introducing the Vivo Y03, a phone that boasts a spacious display and houses a formidable 5000 mAh battery. What sets it apart is the inclusion of an 18-watt fast charger, ensuring swift recharges. Notably, this device goes beyond the ordinary, offering a 5-watt wireless charger for added convenience. The presence of a USB Type-C port further enhances the overall charging experience. Stay powered up effortlessly with the Vivo Y03.

Vivo Y03 Camera

Vivo Y03
Vivo Y03 Camera

The rear panel of the Vivo Y03 phone boasts a captivating design housing a camera module that stands out for its excellence. Revealing the rear camera’s prowess, it features a remarkable 13-megapixel lens, ensuring impressive photography capabilities. Additionally, on the front, a 5-megapixel selfie shooter has been seamlessly integrated to capture stunning self-portraits.

Vivo Y03 Release Date

While the Bluetooth SIG certification for the Vivo Y03 phone has been confirmed, the official launch date has not been officially disclosed by the company. However, it’s anticipated that the phone will be unveiled soon.

Vivo Y03 Price 

While the company has not yet fully disclosed the price details for the Vivo Y03 phone, it is anticipated to be entirely budget-friendly. Judging by its features, this phone could potentially be available within the ₹10,000 budget range, although this information is not officially confirmed. The company is expected to unveil official details soon, confirming the price.


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