HP Spectre Foldable Laptop Price in India: Explore Full Details and Launch

HP Spectre Foldable Laptop Price in India: HP continues to dominate the laptop market, introducing groundbreaking features in its stride. In 2024, HP brings forth a revolutionary foldable smart laptop, setting new benchmarks in the laptop world. Packed with the power of 12th Gen Intel and an i7 processor, this laptop is poised to make a significant impact. The HP Spectre Foldable Laptop is priced competitively, offering a blend of innovation and performance, all under the 5 lakh range.

HP Spectre Foldable Laptop Price in India
HP Spectre Foldable Laptop Price in India

Welcome to this article where we delve into the details of the HP Spectre Foldable Laptop Price in India. Boasting a 34.3 cm diagonal OLED touch screen display and equipped with Iris® Xᵉ Graphics, this laptop promises a doubled gaming experience. Currently priced at ₹4,15,600, inclusive of GST, let’s explore the features that make it an exciting prospect.

HP Spectre Foldable Laptop Price in India

HP unveiled its foldable laptop on Friday, featuring a large 17-inch dual-display screen and a detachable keyboard. Priced at approximately ₹4,15,600, this laptop marks HP’s entry into the Indian market, joining ASUS and Lenovo in the realm of double-display laptops. The device boasts a 17-inch OLED display with HDR 500 certification and comes equipped with a 5-megapixel webcam, offering a premium computing experience.

HP Spectre Foldable Display

HP Spectre Foldable Laptop Price in India
HP Spectre Foldable Laptop Price in India

Marking its entrance into the foldable laptop market, HP has unveiled a remarkable device featuring a 17-inch LED display that can be used like a tablet. This innovative laptop boasts OLED display technology, HDR 500 certification, and a 5-megapixel webcam, setting it apart from its predecessors like the Lenovo X1 Fold and Asus ZenBook Fold.

HP Spectre Foldable Processor & Storage

This innovative device features a 5 mm radius hinge and houses a powerful Intel Core i7 processor with wireless charging capability. Transforming into a PC when stood up with its kickstand, this laptop boasts impressive storage with 16GB RAM and a 1TB M.2 SSD.

HP Spectre Foldable Laptop Price in India
HP Spectre Foldable Laptop Price in India
Display17-inch OLED, 2560 x 1920, Visa true black HDR 500
DesignSleek, modern tablet look with thin bezels
Input DevicesDetachable keyboard, 5MP IR webcam, stylus included
ModesClamshell, Expanded, Extended
HingeFive-millimeter radius hinge, no noticeable crease
ChargingWireless charging for keyboard and stylus
Build MaterialMostly recycled magnesium, emphasizing sustainability
PerformanceIntel Core i7 1250u CPU, 16GB RAM, 1TB M.2 SSD
Collaboration with MicrosoftSnapping options added to Windows 11 for flexibility
PriceStarting at $5,000
PurposeShowcasing cutting-edge technology
Market RecognitionAcknowledges the niche market for such devices
User ExperienceProvides a glimpse into the potential of flexible displays
Author’s PerspectiveExcitement about testing and considering it an engaging version of a flexible laptop
Overall Impact on Technology LandscapePart of the evolving landscape of devices changing how people use technology

HP Spectre Foldable Laptop Price in India-Review

The HP Spectre Foldable Laptop is available in India at a price of $5,000, featuring the latest Windows 11 capabilities. When it comes to battery backup, this innovative laptop offers a lasting 7 to 8 hours of usage.

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