Rajdoot Bike, Iconic from the 70s, Set to Make a Comeback!

Rajdoot Bike: In the dynamic landscape of the Indian motorcycle market, the allure of vintage bikes remains unparalleled. While modern bikes flood the market, the engines, performance, and mileage of older bikes often outshine their contemporary counterparts. One such timeless icon is the Rajdoot bike, which is rumored to be making a comeback, much to the delight of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Yamaha Rajdoot
Yamaha Rajdoot

Rajdoot Bike: The Classic Appeal

Several bikes from the ’70s, if reintroduced, could potentially overshadow current market leaders. Royal Enfield, a timeless favorite, has endured for years, captivating riders even in the ’70s. However, one bike that holds a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts is the Rajdoot.

The Rajdoot Excel T, born from the collaboration between Escort and Yamaha, was a classic model that made its mark on Indian roads. Another gem was the Rajdoot GTS 175, a symbol of biking excellence that maintained its dominance for over three decades.

Rajdoot’s Return:

Recent rumors suggest that Rajdoot is gearing up for a spectacular return. Despite Escort now exclusively producing tractors and commercial vehicles, Rajdoot is set to make a comeback with a fresh appearance and modern features.

The Iconic Rajdoot Excel T

The classic model, Rajdoot Excel T, was a result of a partnership between Escort and Yamaha. Its distinctive design and powerful performance made it a favorite among riders. The timeless appeal of this bike has sparked excitement among enthusiasts who fondly remember its glory days.

Anticipation Builds

Yamaha Rajdoot
Yamaha Rajdoot

Enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the return of Rajdoot with its classic charm blended seamlessly with new-age technology. The buzz around its potential resurrection is creating waves in the motorcycle community.


As the rumor mill churns with speculation, the potential return of Rajdoot bikes is a nostalgic trip down memory lane for many. If the classic appeal is combined with modern features, the Rajdoot comeback could be a game-changer in the Indian motorcycle market. Motorcycle enthusiasts are holding their breath, hoping to witness the iconic Rajdoot once again ruling the roads with its timeless charm and updated capabilities.

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