Hero Surge S32 Price In India & Launch Date: India’s First 2 in 1 Convertible EV

Hero Surge S32 Price In India Launch Date: Price and Launch Date in India Unveiled! Surge, a subsidiary of Hero Motocorp, took the spotlight at Hero World 2024 by showcasing its debut vehicle, the Hero Surge S32. This unique vehicle offers versatile usage, serving as both a 3-wheeler cargo and an electric scooter. Explore the distinctive features of the Hero Surge S32.

Hero Surge S32 Price In India
Hero Surge S32 Price In India

Hero Surge S32 stands as a truly unique electric vehicle, offering not just the convenience of an electric scooter but also serving as a three-wheeler cargo car. It marks a pioneering moment as the first vehicle designed for dual usage. Let’s delve into the details of Hero Surge S32 Price In India and the anticipated Launch Date, unlocking the potential of this innovative transport solution.

Hero Surge S32 Price In India (Expected) 

Hero Motocorp Surge s32 Price in India: Hero Surge S32 is not just a vehicle; it’s a versatile 2-in-1 ride that offers easy usability in various ways. Regarding the Hero Surge S32 Price in India, no official information has been disclosed by Hero Surge so far. However, according to some media reports, the price of this electric vehicle might range from ₹2,50,000 to ₹3,00,000 or even higher. Explore the unique functionalities of this electric vehicle that sets it apart from the rest.

Hero Surge S32 Launch  Date In India (Expected)

The Hero Surge S32 stands out as a versatile Convertible EV, offering a multitude of usage options. Hero World 2024 showcased this innovative model in India. However, when it comes to the launch date of the Hero Surge S32 in India, Hero has yet to provide any updates or insights about its imminent release. Stay tuned for more information on this groundbreaking electric vehicle.

Hero Surge S32 Design 

The Hero Surge S32 seamlessly transforms from a two-wheeler to a three-wheeler with ease. When it comes to design, the Hero Surge S32 stands out as an electric vehicle with a futuristic design.

Hero Surge S32 Price In India
Hero Surge S32 Price In India

This vehicle can be configured into two segments. Speaking of the cargo aspect, the design is simple yet unique. On the other hand, the electric scooter version of Hero Surge S32 is remarkably attractive.

The Surge S32 offers versatility, allowing users to adapt it according to their convenience. Whether one needs to transport goods like a cargo vehicle or use it as an electric scooter, the Hero Surge S32 effortlessly accommodates both preferences.

Hero Surge S32 Battery 

When discussing the Hero Surge S32 Battery, we encounter two distinct batteries in this vehicle. Notably, a separate battery is designated for the cargo compartment in this Convertible EV, while the electric scooter features its own unique battery. Delving into the details of this electric vehicle, the three-wheeler cargo section boasts an 11 kW battery, whereas the two-wheeler electric scooter is equipped with a 3.5 kW battery.

Hero Surge S32 Motor & Range 

The Hero Surge S32 stands out as a truly unique vehicle, set to make its mark in the market with distinctive design elements. This electric scooter introduces two modes – Cargo Mode and Scooter Mode. In the scooter mode, we witness a robust 3 kW motor, providing an impressive range of up to 60 km. Now, delving into the cargo mode of this electric vehicle, it reveals a powerful 10 kW motor, and when it comes to range, a single charge can take you up to 50 kilometers. Notably, the cargo mode offers ample space for storing goods, providing a significant boost in storage capacity.

Hero Surge S32 Review

Certain media reports suggest a potential mid-2024 release for the Hero Surge S32. However, it’s essential to note that this is purely speculative, as the company has not issued any official statements regarding the launch.

Hero Surge S32 EV Specification 

Vehicle NameHero Surge S32
Hero Surge S32 Price In India 2 Lakhs To 3 Lakhs Rupees (Estimated)
Category 2 in 1 Convertible EV
ModeElectric ScooterCargo Mode 
Battery 11 KW (Cargo), 3.5 KW (Electric Scooter)
Motor 3 KW Motor (Electric Scooter), 10 KW (Cargo Mode)
Launch Date Not Confirmed 
Features Digital instrument cluster, LED headlights, Bluetooth connectivity, reverse gear
RivalsAt Present No Rivals 

Hero Surge S32 Features 

When it comes to the features of the Hero Surge S32 Vehicle, it boasts an array of futuristic functionalities. This vehicle offers versatility in usage – whether you opt for a conventional electric scooter experience or utilize it as a cargo vehicle based on your needs. Explore the dual dimensions of this remarkable vehicle for a tailored and adaptable ride.

Hero Surge S32 Price In India
Hero Surge S32 Price In India

Transform this vehicle from a Two Wheeler to a Three Wheeler Cargo in just 3 minutes. The vehicle boasts a digital instrument cluster, reverse gear, LED headlights, and ample space in cargo mode, allowing you to effortlessly carry goods. Noteworthy is its cargo mode with a remarkable 400kg weight capacity, ensuring versatility in transporting various items.

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