Kinetic E Luna Price In India: Launched At ₹69,990

Kinetic E Luna Price In India: Exploring the growing popularity of EV vehicles in India, Kinetic Green has introduced the Kinetic E Luna. This electric variant is inspired by the classic Luna Moped, preserving the iconic design that Luna enthusiasts appreciate. As the demand for electric mobility rises, the E Luna aims to cater to the preferences of the Indian market with its familiar yet eco-friendly features.

Kinetic E Luna Price In India
Kinetic E Luna Price In India

Unveiling its debut in the Indian market, the Kinetic E Luna Moped has made a stylish entry with two variants. Initially showcased at the Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024 Event, this electric moped merges aesthetics with efficiency. Let’s explore the Kinetic E Luna Price In India and delve into the features that define this cutting-edge EV Moped.

Kinetic E Luna Price In India

In a recent launch in India, Kinetic has unveiled the E Luna Moped, a state-of-the-art electric scooter packed with numerous powerful features. Offering versatility and innovation, this electric moped introduces a range of enhancements to redefine the riding experience. The Kinetic E Luna is now available in two variants, catering to diverse preferences and requirements. For those eager to explore the future of electric mobility, Kinetic E Luna sets the stage for an exhilarating and eco-friendly journey.

Introducing the Kinetic E Luna X1 priced at ₹69,990 and the Kinetic E Luna X2, available in India for approximately ₹74,990 as its ex-showroom cost. Notably, bookings for the Kinetic E Luna Moped have commenced, and you have the option to reserve this electric moped by visiting the official Kinetic Green website with a booking amount of just ₹500. Secure your ride into the electric future!

Kinetic E Luna Specifications 

Moped NameKinetic E Luna
VariantsKinetic E Luna X1, Kinetic E Luna X2
Kinetic E Luna Price In India₹69,990 (E Luna X1 Variant) – ₹74,990 (E Luna X2 Variant)
Type EV Moped
Battery 1.7 kWh (E Luna X1) 2 kWh (E Luna X2)
Charging Time3 To 4 Hours
Features Digital speedometer, portable charger, telescopic front suspension, dual shock rear suspension, drum brakes, LED headlights, tail lights as well as USB charging port  
Wheels16″ Alloy

Kinetic E Luna Design 

Kinetic E Luna Price In India
Kinetic E Luna Price In India

Introducing the Kinetic Green E Luna, a fusion of timeless design and powerful features. Drawing inspiration from the classic Luna Moped, the E Luna retains its vintage charm with a circular headlight, minimalist body, and comfortable seats. Kinetic Green takes a modern approach, offering this electric Moped in five vibrant colour variants: Mulberry Red, Ocean Blue, Pearl Yellow, Sparkling Green, and Night Star Black. Elevate your riding experience with a perfect blend of style and sustainability.

Kinetic E Luna Battery 

Delving into the realm of Kinetic E Luna Battery, we encounter two variants in the E Luna lineup, each featuring distinct battery specifications. Speaking of the Kinetic E Luna X1, this Moped boasts a 1.7 kWh lithium-ion battery, requiring approximately 3 to 4 hours for a full charge. On the other hand, the Kinetic E Luna X2 is equipped with a 2 kWh lithium-ion battery, demanding around 4 hours for a complete charge. The X1 variant delivers an impressive mileage of 80 km, while the X2 variant extends this range to 110 km.

Kinetic E Luna Price In India
Kinetic E Luna Price In India

Kinetic E Luna Features 

In the realm of electric mopeds, Kinetic E Luna stands out with an array of features from Kinetic Green. This two-wheeler boasts a digital speedometer, a convenient portable charger, telescopic front suspension, dual-shock rear suspension, drum brakes, LED headlights, taillights, and not to forget, a USB charging port for added functionality. Explore the innovative features that define the Kinetic E Luna riding experience.

Kinetic E Luna Price In India- F.A.Qs

Q: How many variants are available for Kinetic E Luna?

Ans: Kinetic E Luna is available in 2 variants in India, namely, Kinetic E Luna X1 and Kinetic E Luna X2.

Q: What is the price of Kinetic E Luna in India?

Ans: Discussing the price of Kinetic E Luna in India, this moped is offered in two variants. The E Luna X1 is priced at ₹69,990, while the E Luna X2 is approximately priced around ₹79,990.

Q: How can one book Kinetic E Luna?

Ans: If you’re considering purchasing the Kinetic E Luna Moped, you can easily book it. Visit the Kinetic Green website, and by paying ₹500, you can book this moped.

Q: How long does it take for Kinetic E Luna to charge?

Ans: The two variants of Kinetic E Luna come with different batteries. Kinetic E Luna X1 takes approximately 3 hours to charge, while the Kinetic E Luna X2 Moped requires about 4 hours for charging.

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