Kawasaki Z650RS Price In India: Engine, Design, Features

Kawasaki Z650RS Price In India: Exploring the Indian automotive scene, Kawasaki motorcycles have garnered significant popularity. With a penchant for robust features, Kawasaki is set to introduce the all-new Kawasaki Z650RS to the Indian market.

Kawasaki Z650RS Price In India
Kawasaki Z650RS Price In India

Kawasaki has officially introduced the Z650RS motorcycle in the Indian market, showcasing a potent blend of power and stylish design from the renowned manufacturer. Let’s delve into the details of the Kawasaki Z650RS Price In India to gain a comprehensive understanding.

Kawasaki Z650RS Price In India

The all-new Kawasaki Z650RS has made its debut in India, boasting a formidable engine. When it comes to the Kawasaki Z650RS Price In India, this bike is priced at around INR 6.99 lakh ex-showroom. Notably, Kawasaki has chosen to launch this bike in India with a single variant, making it a distinctive addition to the market.

Kawasaki Z650RS Specification

Bike NameKawasaki Z650RS
Kawasaki Z650RS Price In India₹6.99 Lakh (Ex Showroom)
Engine 649cc liquid cooled fuel injected parallel twin engine
Power 68 PS
Torque 64 Nm
Transmission 6 Speed Transmission
FeaturesInstrument Cluster, Dual-Channel ABS, Traction Control System

Kawasaki Z650RS Engine

Kawasaki Z650RS Price In India
Kawasaki Z650RS Price In India

In the realm of the Kawasaki Z650RS bike, one is greeted with a formidable engine courtesy of Kawasaki’s prowess. Delving into the engine specifications of this bike reveals a robust 649cc liquid-cooled fuel-injected parallel-twin engine from the house of Kawasaki. This powerhouse has the capability to generate 68 PS of power and 64 Nm of torque, showcasing the engineering marvel that defines the essence of the ride.

Kawasaki Z650RS Design

Kawasaki Z650RS Price In India
Kawasaki Z650RS Price In India

Discussing the design of the Kawasaki Z650RS, one can appreciate the retro aesthetics infused by Kawasaki. This bike exudes a nostalgic charm with its circular headlight, classic fuel tank, and the inclusion of modern elements like LED headlights and taillights.

Kawasaki Z650RS Features 

Exploring the Kawasaki Z650RS reveals a plethora of features curated by Kawasaki. Delving into the bike’s attributes, one encounters an instrument cluster, dual-channel ABS, and a traction control system among its distinctive features.

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