Discover the Features, Unveiling the Hero Xoom 125R Launch Date in India, and Pricing Revealed

Hero Xoom 125R Launch Date In India On Road Price: Hero is set to unveil its latest scooter, the Hero Xoom 125R, in India, and the official launch date and on-road price have been revealed. Packed with impressive features, this scooter promises to make a statement on Indian roads with its sleek design. The two-wheeler from Hero boasts various features that set it apart. Hero, known for its strong presence in the Indian market, particularly in the budget segment, has built a reputation for manufacturing bikes and scooters that are well-received by the audience. The official features of the Hero Xoom 125R have already been disclosed, adding to the anticipation surrounding its launch. For an in-depth understanding of the features, continue reading. Get ready for a new era of scootering with Hero’s latest offering – the Xoom 125R!

Hero Xoom 125R Launch Date In India
Hero Xoom 125R Launch Date In India

Hero Xoom 125R Design

Hero’s new scooter boasts an impressive appearance that exudes sportiness. The scooter features dual LED headlights, adding a touch of style. Notably, its design sets it apart from other scooters, presenting a distinctive and eye-catching look.

Hero Xoom 125R Features

Unveiling a blend of excellence and power, the Hero Xoom 125R scooter boasts remarkable features. With disc brakes on both wheels, this scooter houses an impressive engine promising robust performance on the roads. The dashboard will feature a large screen, facilitating the management of various scooter features according to your preferences. Hero might equip this scooter with conveniences like a USB Type-C port and wireless charger for added utility. Additionally, anticipate Bluetooth connectivity and GPS systems, although the complete feature set has not been officially disclosed yet. Stay tuned as this scooter is set to hit the roads soon, promising an exhilarating ride.

Hero Xoom 125R Features
Hero Xoom 125R Features

FeatureHero Xoom 125R
BrakesDisc brakes on both wheels
Engine PerformanceImpressive engine for robust performance
Dashboard ScreenLarge screen for easy feature management
ConnectivityPotential USB Type-C port and wireless charger
Additional FeaturesExpected Bluetooth connectivity and GPS
Official DisclosureComplete feature set yet to be officially disclosed
AvailabilityScooter set to hit the roads soon
Riding ExperiencePromises an exhilarating ride

Hero Xoom 125R Engine

Unveiling robust power, the Hero Xoom 125R scooter boasts a formidable 125cc engine. This powerhouse is a single-cylinder, air-cooled marvel, packing a punch with its capability to generate 9.4bhp and 10.16Nm torque. The perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and performance.

Hero Xoom 125R Price In India

Hero Xoom 125R
Hero Xoom 125R

Get ready for the Hero Xoom 125R, zooming onto the streets with electrifying speed. Priced at an estimated ₹100,000, this bike is gearing up for a soon-to-be-launched experience right here.

Hero Xoom 125R Launch Date In India

Hero has officially revealed the launch date of the Hero Xoom 125R. Mark your calendars for March 24, 2024, as this scooter, packed with outstanding features, is set to hit the roads, promising an exhilarating ride.


Introducing the Hero Xoom 125R – Unveiling an array of exceptional features, this two-wheeler is set to redefine your riding experience. If you’ve made it this far, we’re confident our post on News.Techdigitalspace has caught your interest. Don’t forget to share this exciting news with your friends and drop your valuable feedback in the comments below. Stay tuned to our Telegram and WhatsApp for instant updates on the latest and upcoming trends in the world of automotive news.


Q: What is the mileage per liter of hero Xoom 125?

Ans: Hero Xoom owners have reported a fuel economy of 46 kmpl, while experts suggest a mileage of 50.2 kmpl for the Xoom.

Q: What is the price of Hero Xoom 2024?

Ans: The Hero Xoom 110 is priced at ₹ 69,684 for the base variant and can go up to ₹ 78,517 (Ex-showroom).

Q: What is the TYRE size of Xoom 125R?

Ans: The recently revealed Hero Xoom 125R scooter introduces 14-inch wheels, poised to deliver the accustomed performance, conveniences, and premium riding experience cherished by Indian consumers in the 125cc scooter segment.

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