Hero Surge S32: India's First 2-in-1 Convertible EV

BUnveiling Hero Surge S32 at Hero World 2024 A 3-wheeler cargo & electric scooter in one

Unique Features

Versatile Hero Surge S32 - 3-wheeler & scooter Pioneering dual-usage electric vehicle design

Price Preview

Hero Surge S32 Price In India (Expected) Estimated range: ₹2,50,000 to ₹3,00,000

Launch Date

Hero Surge S32 Launch Date In India (Expected) Showcase at Hero World 2024 with no release date info

Transformative Design

Hero Surge S32 seamlessly transforms Futuristic design for both cargo and scooter modes

Versatility in Usage

Cargo and scooter configurations for user convenience Hero Surge S32 adapts to various transportation needs

Battery Technology

Hero Surge S32 Battery - Two distinct batteries Cargo: 11 kW | Scooter: 3.5 kW for efficient power usage

Motor & Range

Two Modes: Scooter Mode (3 kW) & Cargo Mode (10 kW) Impressive ranges - Scooter 60 km, Cargo 50 km on a single charge

Futuristic Features

Hero Surge S32 Features - Dual functionality Transform in 3 mins, digital cluster, reverse gear, LED headlights Cargo mode with 400kg capacity for versatile transportation

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