Discover Hero Xoom 125R

Unveiling a game-changer - Hero's latest scooter with cutting-edge features!

Launch News

Save the date: March 24, 2024. Hero Xoom 125R hits Indian roads with a bang.

Pricing Update

Hero Xoom 125R comes at an estimated ₹100,000. Get ready for an electrifying ride!

Hero's Legacy

Known for quality bikes, Hero enters a new era with the Xoom 125R. Anticipation rises.

Design Highlights

Dual LED headlights give the Hero Xoom 125R a distinct look. Style meets functionality.

Remarkable Scooter

Disc brakes, large dashboard screen - Hero Xoom 125R promises excellence on the road.

Engine Powerhouse

Unveiling the engine - 9.4bhp, 10.16Nm torque. Hero Xoom 125R is a performance beast.

Connectivity & Utility

Anticipate Bluetooth, GPS, USB-C port, and wireless charger. Elevate your riding experience.

Ride Experience

Hero Xoom 125R redefines the riding experience. Prepare for a thrilling adventure.

Stay Updated

Stay tuned for the Hero Xoom 125R launch. Share the excitement, drop feedback, and follow us for instant automotive updates!

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