Mahindra XUV300 Flex Fuel

Launching Soon: Blend of features and affordability, a preferred choice for enthusiasts.

Ethanol-Petrol Blend

Introducing XUV300 Flex Fuel, India's first ethanol-petrol blend SUV. A green revolution!

India Mobility Show 2024

XUV300 Flex Fuel showcased as a prototype, symbolizing Mahindra's innovation leap.

Launch Milestone

XUV300 Flex Fuel poised to be India's first flex-fuel vehicle. Advancing automotive tech.

Launch Speculation

Launch date remains a mystery. Speculations hint at a 2025 debut. Stay tuned for updates.

Eco-Friendly Drive

XUV300 Flex Fuel emits fewer pollutants. Eco-friendly driving redefined.

Pricing Insight

Pricing details undisclosed. Media reports suggest around 10 lakhs. Await Mahindra's confirmation.

Muscular Charm

XUV300 Flex Fuel design echoes the iconic model. Muscular bonnet, distinctive headlamps.

Interior Elegance

Touchscreen display, stylish tail lamps, and comfortable interiors redefine the driving experience.

Robust Features

XUV300 Flex Fuel boasts a plethora of features - touchscreen infotainment, panoramic sunroof, keyless entry, and more. Elevate your drive!

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