Maruti Suzuki Dzire Facelift 2024

Anticipation rises as Maruti unveils its latest creation. Explore the features!

Launch Buzz

Launch date and price create excitement. Maruti's automotive saga continues.

Road Presence

Media buzz as the Dzire Facelift graces the roads. Catch a glimpse!

Features Unveiled

Discover the intricate features setting this Maruti creation apart. Stay tuned!

Design Teaser

LED headlights, new grille designs - a revamped look on the horizon.

Impressive Features

Bluetooth, GPS, USB Type-C with wireless charging - a tech-packed marvel.

Safety & Visibility

Rumors of enhanced safety with a rotating camera. Stay informed!

Power & Precision

A powerful 1197cc engine, 82 bhp, and 108 Nm torque. Unleash the power!

Fuel Efficiency

Expect remarkable 22 km/l for extended journeys. Fuel efficiency at its best.

Price & Launch

Price range speculation and launch date excitement. Stay tuned for updates!

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